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 Confronting back pain

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PostSubject: Confronting back pain   Wed Oct 15, 2014 4:37 am

Back pain can trigger often and ruin the scheduled activities of many lives. It originates in the spine. It can be a sudden onset, intermittent or chronic depending on the cause. There are many causes of back pain such as fall, accidents, sports injuries and physical exertion in gyms. Spinal injuries and disc prolapsed are among the serious back injuries. Osteoarthritis is also considered the cause of back pain. The pain is a warning body signal, it indicates the presence of fracture. Chronic pain ensues fall or accidents, such pain does not subside easily. The persistence and recurrence of back pain are difficult to treat. Ayurveda is confronting the challenges of back pain treatment with the specific therapy.Ayurveda for back pain is quite effective, the introduction of back pain therapy is providing complete recovery from back pain. External therapies such as Abhyanga or therapeutic oil massage, Podikkizhi or powder bolus massage , Elakizhi or leaf bolus massage , Njavara or rice bolus massage, Pizhichil or oil bath, Lepanam or medicinal paste application etc and eliminative procedures like Virechanam or Purgation, Sneha Vasthy or Oil Enema, Kashaya Vasthy or decoction enema etc are effective against back aches. The complete recovery from the back pain requires 21 days though the duration of the treatment depends on the chronic condition of the illness. Speciality medications are used against back pain such as Spondylon capsules, these capsules are effective against Cervical Spondylosis. There are also Sciatillon capsules developed for Lumbar Spondylosis and Sciatica.
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Confronting back pain
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